Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a class?

  • Click “Find a class” on our home page, choose your location by selecting the “+” sign left of the city/location and the all class dates will drop down from earliest to latest.  Click the date you want, select the class option you prefer, your payment type and then you are good to go!  You will receive a confirmation email shortly!  If you are unsure which package you need, see the option descriptions below.

What do I need to bring to class?

  • This depends on which Registration Option you have selected.  See below for the Registration Option descriptions.  Unless you have selected the Registration Option to have your textbook mailed, or if you are bringing your own textbook, we will provide everything needed on the day of class such as pens, pencils, highlighters, etc. 
    • Make sure to bring a Valid ID upon check-in the morning of class, and in addition to your textbook and/or scantron answer sheet if applicable.  

Which Registration Option should I choose?

  • Everyone attending class will be provided class handouts, pens, pencils, highlighters, candy/snacks, coffee/water.  This is regardless of which Registration Option is chosen. 
  • There are three Registration Options to choose from with each class date.  Which Registration Option you choose depends on whether you need a ServSafe® 6th Ed. Textbook used throughout the day, AND/OR a ServSafe® scantron answer sheet used for the exam at the end of the class day.  

              Option 1: FULL PACKAGE

o   If you need BOTH items for the class, which is the ServSafe® 6th Edition Textbook and the ServSafe® scantron answer sheet to take the exam, you will need the FULL PACKAGE option.  If you choose this option you can also choose to have the book mailed prior to class by selecting the “Mail book prior to class” option at the bottom of the registration page.

              Option 2: HALF PACKAGE

o   If you have a ServSafe 6th Ed. textbook already, and would like to use this textbook throughout the class, and ONLY need the ServSafe scantron answer sheet to take the exam, then you will need the HALF PACKAGE option.  Just make sure to bring the book you plan to use on the day of class.  We try to make every effort to have “loaner books” on hand, but we cannot guarantee these for every person.  If you need to purchase a textbook the day of class notify the instructor and he/she will make sure you have what is needed and payment is arranged. 

              Option 3: THE BASICS

o   If you already have BOTH the ServSafe 6th Ed. Textbook to use throughout the class and the ServSafe scantron answer sheet to take the exam, then you will need THE BASICS option.  This does include items such as pens/pencils mentioned above but does not include the textbook for the class, or the scantron answer sheet to take the exam.

What ServSafe Textbook do I need?

  • The ServSafe 6th Edition Textbook.

Can I use an old ServSafe Textbook?

  • The 6th Edition Textbook is the only book attendees can use for the class.

Why can’t I use the old ServSafe Textbook?

  • This is because the test questions are pulled ONLY from the ServSafe 6th Edition Textbook.  Using an older book may be confusing and irrelevant.

What if I have issues registering?

  • We all know technology isn’t perfect!  Give us a call!
  • Call our toll free customer service 1-844-704-FOOD(3663).  We can talk you through it or we can register you over the phone.

What if my credit card won’t go through while registering online?

  • We all know technology isn’t perfect!  Give us a call! 1-844-704-FOOD(3663)
  • Most of the time this is due to your computers firewall protection!

Can I bring payment to class?

  • Of course you can!  If you bring your payment to class, make sure to give it to the instructor when you sign in that morning!

What form of payment do we accept?

  • All forms!  You can pay with a credit card, cash, check, or money order!

Who do I make the check/money order out to?

  • Hospitality Education Services
    • Although we do operate under the name Raise-the-Grade®, our official incorporated name is Hospitality Ed. Services.

Where do I mail a check/money order?

  • Please mail your payment to our remittance address: 

429 Belview Dr.

Killen, AL 35645

What if I can’t make it to class?

Can a person be substituted for myself or another person?

What if there is bad weather?

How long does it take to get my score and certificate?

  • From your class date it usually takes 8-10 business days for your score and certificate to become available online at

What if I can’t find my score?

The certificates used to be mailed, so how do I obtain my ServSafe certificate now?

What if I didn’t pass the exam?

  • We have very high pass rates above 90%!  But, whenever you are ready you may come back and retake the entire class, or come in for the exam only whenever you are ready! The cost for retakes are $40.00, which covers the cost of the ServSafe scantron answer sheet.  

How do I register to re-take the class or exam if I didn’t pass?

Do I have to display my certificate up in the restaurant?

  • Per the NC Food Code Manual it is NOT mandatory to have your certificate displayed in your establishment. 
    • However, some regulatory inspectors do like to see at least one certificate displayed.  Easiest thing to do is to find out what your Health Inspector prefers if this is the case.  Print the certificate and put it in a cheap frame.

Can I print my certificate out in black and white?

  • Yes, because there are now only digital copies, you may display the certificate in black and white or in color.

Do I have to get re-certified if I move to another state?

  • The ServSafe Managers Certificate is valid Nationwide!
    • However, if you are moving to another state it is a good practice to find out if there are either state or local requirements for food safety certifications.

Can I take the class online?

I have completed the online course, so how do I take the exam?

  • The ServSafe Managers Exam must be taken in person and proctored.  Choose a location and date from our website, under “Find a Class”, then call or email us to schedule your exam.  All you need to do is arrive by 2:45pm on the date and your instructor will everything need for you.

 Can I take the exam online?

  • Yes!  But here’s the catch, it must be proctored and you must take it in person.  To take the exam online you must bring your laptop/tablet to the location desired and we will set you up.  Please let your instructor know that you will be taking the exam online!

Do I have to come for the full class?

  • We highly recommend attending the class, but honestly no.  You can register to take exam only.  If you are coming for exam only please arrive at the location and date you are registered for at 2:45 pm.

What if I am just recertifying?

  • Your ServSafe certificate is valid for 5 years.  Again, we highly recommend taking the class again, but not required.  Changes in the state or local legislature is the reason we recommend sitting in the class.

What languages are the exams offered in?

  • For every scheduled class we order English, Spanish and Chinese (mandarin) exams.  However, the classes are taught in English unless otherwise noted.
  • If you need the exam in another language we can make sure to have it ready for you; BE SURE to select the language preferred when registering or in the additional notes.
    • Languages available for the written exam are: English, Spanish, Chinese (mandarin), French Canadian, Japanese and Korean.

Is the class taught in other languages?

  • We do offer the class in Spanish but not as frequently as English.

I don’t see a Spanish class on the website?

  • Please call us and we will personally contact you as to when a Spanish class and exam will be conducted in your area.
  • Spanish classes are highlighted in “Purple” on the website.
    • Usually once per quarter or every few months we will run a Spanish class in the Charlotte, Greensboro/Triad and the Raleigh/Durham areas.

Is the book available in Chinese?

  • We can order a Chinese (Mandarin) book, however, the book is an older version with information that may not appear on the exam.
    • Independent study is usually the best method if this is the case.