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Josh Cooke

Chief Executive Officer

"Pilot of the Ship"

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Jacob Young

Chief Financial Officer

"Numbers Guy"

 Chris 200w

Chris Rumley

Lead Instructor

NRAS Instructor/HAACP Certified

 Arwa 200w

Arwa Karame

Spanish Training Specialist

NRAS Instructor

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Tricia Coates

Training Specialist

NRAS Instructor

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Gabriel Key

Training Specialist

NRAS Instructor








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  • "I had to take a whole semester (ServSafe class) in culinary school...this class was better. The (review)handout about bacteria, viruses, etc., was awesome."

    ~ Paula Watson, Chetola Resort
  • "...enjoyed your course...The extra fill-the-blank charts (provided in class) were especially helpful for learning the times and temperatures. My high score was directly related to the effectiveness of the delivery."

    ~ Brian Raughley, Consulting Safety Managers, Inc.
  • "...really enjoyed this experience. I have been in the business of food for 30 years and I am still learning new and better ways of serving safe food. ...[the instructor] was very pleasant, informative and entertaining. I would recommend this class to all food service personnel."

    ~ Bob Conner, Little Pigs BBQ
  • "I wanted to compliment your skills as an instructor and the fun you injected into the class. The subject matter is not that exciting so...great job!"

    ~ Dan Cantu, Wilmed Healthcare
  • "I have taken at least 8 training classes in the past year. This class is the one where I gained the most training!"

    ~ Lora Jennings, Holiday Inn Express
  • "The class moved fast but was easy to learn...; The instructor knew what she was doing."

    ~ Anthony Lindsay, Golden Corral
  • "Thanks to you. I've taken the class 3 or 4 other times and your's was my favorite."

    ~ Aaron Cannon, Cannon Catering