ServSafe Foodhandler Program

btn schedule-foodhandlerThe ServSafe Foodhandler™ training and assessment program is a complete solution that delivers consistent food safety training to employees. ServSafe Foodhandler™ covers five key areas:

  1. Basic Food Safety
  2. Personal Hygiene
  3. Cross-contamination & Allergens
  4. Time & Temperature
  5. Cleaning & Sanitation

This two hour class and assessment is for all food service staff members and will reinforce why they need to do things the right way every time.

By scheduling this training for your operation, you will have a Raise-The-Grade instructor come to your facility, give an interactive presentation and conduct hands on activities that will raise employee awareness. 

Each attendee will receive

  1. A ServSafe Foodhandler™ study guide
  2. An end of class assessment
  3. and a certificate of completion. 

The fee for this comprehensive training and assessment is $250.00 plus a $10.00/attendee materials fee.  A travel surcharge may apply depending on your location.

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  • "The class moved fast but was easy to learn...; The instructor knew what she was doing."

    ~ Anthony Lindsay, Golden Corral
  • "...really enjoyed this experience. I have been in the business of food for 30 years and I am still learning new and better ways of serving safe food. ...[the instructor] was very pleasant, informative and entertaining. I would recommend this class to all food service personnel."

    ~ Bob Conner, Little Pigs BBQ
  • "...enjoyed your course...The extra fill-the-blank charts (provided in class) were especially helpful for learning the times and temperatures. My high score was directly related to the effectiveness of the delivery."

    ~ Brian Raughley, Consulting Safety Managers, Inc.
  • "I had to take a whole semester (ServSafe class) in culinary school...this class was better. The (review)handout about bacteria, viruses, etc., was awesome."

    ~ Paula Watson, Chetola Resort
  • "I wanted to compliment your skills as an instructor and the fun you injected into the class. The subject matter is not that exciting so...great job!"

    ~ Dan Cantu, Wilmed Healthcare
  • "I have taken at least 8 training classes in the past year. This class is the one where I gained the most training!"

    ~ Lora Jennings, Holiday Inn Express
  • "Thanks to you. I've taken the class 3 or 4 other times and your's was my favorite."

    ~ Aaron Cannon, Cannon Catering